Past Work

From the Sea to the City

1800hrs Art Collective launch weekend

11th-13th June, Cardiff MADE, Cardiff, Wales

From the Sea to the City

The Bottles

1.The Bottle of Hedonism
2.The Bottle of Broken Connections
3.The Bottle of Home Truths
4.The Bottle of Blue
5.The Bottle of Unabashed Hope

Rachel is continually overwhelmed; by relationships, promises, family, her past, adult responsibilities, future survival, mental health, decision making, emotions, timekeeping and everything in between. She has been writing everything down on small scrolls, popping them in bottles and encasing them in glitter.
Each bottle is an original and a piece of Rachel.

AO photographs

Rachel choose to look up one day last May in Cardiff. This is what she saw.




By Way Of Introduction – Live interactive exchange for one.
Duration apx 10 minutes.

Sat 11am-12.30pm & 1-2pm

Let’s forget what we perceive of one another. Rachel wants to take it back to basics, starting with “Hello”.
Find her sat at a table in the gallery, awaiting your company.



3RD – 14TH July, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland


Random Acts


Sunday 24th May, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales



Crystal O’ Connor is an Irish Traveler of extraordinary abilities and eclectic powers. Renowned for her unusual methods of fortune telling and particular way with her guests, Crystal earned the title of “Best Newcomer” in the annual ‘Stylish Mystic of the Road Awards’ held in Ballypatrick, Ireland when she was four. In town for one day only with her Mirela Caravan and with a little help from her family, expect everything from Diamante Delight Makeovers and Irish dancing to 100% real live connections to the glamorous other side.

As Crystal’s granny Patsy always said ” Glitter, spirits and saucepans”

Mae Crystal O’Connor yn Deithiwr Gwyddelig a chanddi alluoedd anghyffredin a phwerau eclectig. Mae hi’n enwog am ei dulliau dweud ffortiwn anarferol a’i chroeso arbennig i’w gwesteion. Enillodd Crystal wobr y Newydd-ddyfodiad Gorau yng ngwobrau blynyddol ‘Stylish Mystic of the Road’ a gynhalir yn Ballypatrick, Iwerddon, pan oedd hi’n bedair oed. Bydd hi yng Nghaerdydd am ddiwrnod yn unig yn ei charafán a, gyda chymorth ei theulu, gallwch ddisgwyl ychydig o ddawnsio Gwyddelig, ‘Diamante Delight Makeovers’ a chysylltiadau byw gwirioneddol â’r ochr arall …

Fel y dywedai mam-gu Crystal, Patsy: ” ‘Glitter’, ysbrydion a sosbenni!”

Crystal O' Connor - Photo by Amy Rebecca

The Mirela Caravan is available to hire from Alternative Events


The Bottle of Broken Promises

May 9th, The Abacus, Cardiff, Wales

Abacus Art Auction Fundraiser

There’s been numerous times when Rachel has failed to keep her promise, either to others or herself. She’s been writing them down, covering them in glitter and encasing them in a bottle.

The Bottle Of Broken Promises

The Bottle Of Broken Promises

The Bottle Of Broken Promises

The Bottle Of Broken Promises

The Bottle Of Broken Promises


Made in Spring

May 3rd, Roath, Cardiff, Wales

Made in Roath Arts Festival


A Shrine for our May King & Queen



 A Piece of Me

 March 1st -31st Platform, The Castle Emporium, Cardiff, Wales

A Piece of Me




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